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Razze Bovine - Mec Carni

Cattle breeds

MEC S.P.A. offers a wide range of fresh and frozen beef from the best breeds, which are slaughtered directly in the state-of-the-art plant located in Montanera:


The Piedmontese is considered a very valuable breed, with lean, tender and tasty meat. Thanks to its excellent nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, it is the ideal choice for consumers looking for a high-quality product with an unique taste.


  • Origin: Cuneo and province.
  • Distribution: Piedmont and Liguria, with more than 200,000 cattles raised in the provinces of Cuneo, Turin, Asti, Alessandria and Savona.
  • Size: medium (height at the withers 130-140 cm).
  • Coat and pigmentation: full blond coat in veals, white in cows and gray in bulls.
  • Peculiarities: muscle hypertrophy or double croup due to an alteration of the myostatin gene. Exceptionally lean meat. Limited ingestion capacity. Adaptable to different types of farming.
Piemontese - Mec Carni

Blonde d’Aquitaine

Also called Garronese, this breed was historically intended for agricultural work. Over time it has evolved as a breed for meat production, also thanks to the fact that it has less fat than other types of French cattles. It is a product of absolute excellence.


  • Peculiarità: Schiena muscolosa. Carne tenera con scarso deposito di tessuto adiposo. Grande capacità di adattamento. Facilità al parto.
  • Origin: Aquitaine (south-west region of France). It is a crossing of three breeds: Garronaise, Quercy and Blonde des Pyrenees.
  • Distribution: France and some regions of Italy.
  • Size: large (height at the withers 140 - 150 cm).
  • Coat and pigmentation: blond coat that varies from light to dark. Lighter shades in some parts such as the inner thighs and around the eyes.
  • Peculiarities: Muscular back. Tender meat with little amount of adipose tissue. Great adaptability. Easy calving.
Blonde d'Aquitaine - Mec Carni


Thanks to a significant adaptability, the Limousine is a rural breed spread all over the world. In France it is in second place after the Charolaise. It has a high precocity so it gives low-fat meat at the youngest age.


  • Origin: French (Limousine region).
  • Distribution: whole Italy, around 19,000 cattles registered at ANACLI.
  • Size: medium (height at the withers 145 cm).
  • Coat and pigmentation: bright blond coat, a little lighter around the eyes and under the belly; depigmented skin, horns and hooves.
  • Peculiarities: Excellent yield at slaughter. Great longevity. Easy calving. High muscle development. High quality meat.
Limousine - Mec Carni


Used as a crossbreed, it is bred in France and many other countries. Once it had a dual purpose, now the Charolaise is essentially selected for meat production. The bull is used for crossing with dairy cows or rustic breeds for the production of F1 crossbred suitable for fattening.


  • Origin: Charolles region in Burgundy (France).
  • Distribution: France and other areas of the world (with cold or temperate climates).
  • Size: large (height at the withers 140 - 150 cm).
  • Coat and pigmentation: Creamy white coat.
  • Peculiarities: excellent grazer, great adaptability. High speed of growth. Good muscle development. Provides excellent quality cuts.
Charolais - Mec Carni


A rustic breed spread in many European countries, the Aubrac adapts to different climatic conditions. In the past it was also used to produce milk. Fifty years ago, the Aubrac was at risk of extinction, but it has been averted thanks to many breeders in its origin area; today, this breed can also be found in America.


Origin: Aubrac mountains (France).
Distribution: various European countries, United States, New Zealand.
Size: medium (height at the withers 130 cm).
Coat and pigmentation: brown coat with darker shades on the shoulders. The outline of the ears and eyes are black.
Peculiarities: great grazing skills. Good maternal qualities. Adaptability. High quality meat.

Razze Bovine - Aubrac - Mec Carni